Who can run?

Who is the race suitable for?

The Run Larapinta Stage Race is designed for ‘every-day’ runners who want a spectacular challenge in a breath taking part of the world.

You do not need to be an elite runner, nor a runner with a long list of ultra-marathon race finishes to your name… you just need to be an active person who loves a challenge who is willing to chip away at the course and keep moving from start to finish.

The majority of the race courses are runnable but at the same time we’ve had determined competitors in the past who have walked 80% of it and got through ok. The terrain underfoot varies throughout each stage with some sections being smooth trails that are ripe for running whilst others are very rough and rocky where you will definitely be walking. The key to completion is to keep moving at a steady pace across all of it and enjoy yourself rather than going too-hard-too-soon and then needing to stop to recover.

Obviously – the fitter you are the more you will enjoy the event but you don’t have to be a hard-man/woman ultra-marathon runner to be part of it, you just need to be solid and capable on your feet your feet with a determination to keep going when the going gets rough.

“I did this event with friends from my running group and this was an event I had wanted to do for a few years now! I finished the event and came third in my age group!! Winning!!” 2023 participant

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Who has competed in the past 6 years:

2017: 121 runners comprising:

  • 104 runners who ran all 4 stages and 17 ‘single stage’ runners
  • 61% female / 39% male
  • 40% ran in the Malbunka 
  • 60% ran in the Namatjira 

2018: 160 runners comprising:

  • 140 runners who ran all 4 stages and 20 ‘single stage’ runners
  • 50% female / 50% male
  • 33% ran in the Malbunka 
  • 67% ran in the Namatjira 

2019: 212 runners comprising:

  • 192 runners who ran all 4 stages and 20 ‘single stage’ runners
  • 59% female / 41% male
  • 35% ran in the Malbunka 
  • 65% ran in the Namatjira 

 2020: this was postponed to April 2021. 130 runners comprising:

  • 118 runners who ran all 4 stages and 12 ‘single stage’ runners
  • 53% female / 47% male
  • 60% ran in the Malbunka 
  • 40% ran in the Namatjira 

2021: this was postponed to April 2022. 190 comprising:

  • 179 runners who ran all 4 stages and 11 ‘single stage’ runners
  • 60% female / 40% male
  • 40% ran in the Malbunka
  • 60% ran in the Namatjira

2022: 206 running comprising:

  • 181 runners who ran all 4 stages, and 25 ‘single stage’ runners
  • 62% female / 38% male
  • 42% ran in the Malbunka
  • 58% ran in the Namatjira

If you want to run with others then it is easy to find other competitors to hook up with as many people enjoy the company and are very happy to share the experience with another runner out on the trails. So if you are coming on your own then you have nothing to fear – you will make some incredible friends and have a great community around you to help you get through.

The bottom line is that the event is achievable for most runners / active people who are willing to put in some preparation beforehand and who have the determination to finish what they started amidst a spectacular landscape.

“This event far exceeded my expectation of how hard it would be. Don’t let the relative short distances and elevation fool you, this is a hard run, with endless rocks and steep climbing. But with the hardest climbs come the best views, and I wouldn’t want it any other way, really hard but achievable”. Rodney, 2019 participant.

2024 Entry Requirements (Malbunka long course)

Please note, as per the last 6 years, the 2024 event has some key entry requirements for the Malbunka long course. These are set in place to help ensure runners have the required skills and experience to complete the Malbunka stages safely and within the cut off times. Click Here for the full details.

Feel free to call us at any time to talk through the details and hear more about the event – Rapid Ascent: (03) 5261 5511.