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Hanny Allston and Find Your Feet our official training partners

We are excited to re-appoint Hanny Allston from Find Your Feet as our official training partner for the 2024 Run Larapinta Stage Race.

Hanny won Run Larapinta Malbunka outright in 2016 and is one of Australia’s most accomplished trail runners and orienteers with World, National and State Championships to her name as well as numerous course records and race victories. CLICK HERE to read a profile on Hanny.

HANNY’S FREE Training Plan

Hanny Allston has prepared a FREE training plan for all athletes participating in the Run Larapinta Stage Races. The incredibly comprehensive plan covers both the Malbunka and Namatjira events and is a superb guide to help get you to the start line (and finish line) in the best possible shape.

The focus of this 19-week training planner is to help you to find your feet, using your Run Larapinta goal as a foundation for personal growth and wilder adventures by following the wave training theory. We cannot emphasise strongly enough that this training plan is a guide and best complimented by the knowledge outlined in The Trail Running Guidebook (see below).

You will receive a link to download the free training planner and discount code once you enter the Run Larapinta Stage Race

Trail Running Guidebook

The training plan above is best followed and understood when read in conjunction with Hanny’s new Trail Running Guidebook.

The Trail Running Guidebook provides athletes of any ability a safe pathway to help you find your feet in trail running. Hanny Allston’s personal coaching methodologies focus on long-term health, training and performance successes.

It contains key lessons Hanny learnt on her journey to becoming a world champion and elite trail running record holder. Sharing her theories on training & racing strategies, nutrition & hydration, running technique, psychology and more. Hanny has experienced the elation of success but also the pitfalls of striving too far for performance. It is from this honest place that she wrote this book for you.

We strongly recommend all runners purchase a copy of the Guidebook not just to aid your preparation for Run Larapinta but to build your knowledge and understanding of trail running and how to best enjoy it sustainably for many years to come.

Purchase the Trail Running Guidebook for $36.95 here (Kindle e-copy $7.30).

Feel free to contact Hanny & the Find Your Feet trail running specialists if you have any questions about her training plan and guidebook.

Email: [email protected]

‘How to manage a stage race’ presentation

In July 2022 we recorded a presentation on ‘How to manage yourself during a stage race’ that has a heap of great info for any runner. Conducted by Majell Backhausen (former pro trail runner and Patagonia employee) it provided endless tips on recovery, mental approach, equipment and a range of other tips for those racing back to back days. It was centered on the Great Southern Stage Run but the content is equalyl relevant to Run Larapinta and is well worth watching.

Watch it again HERE on facebook.

Join the Run Larapinta Facebook Group

Connect with others before, during and after your event. We strongly encourage participants past and present to join the group and use it to ask questions about the event that others can help answer. Share your tips and ideas, compare experiences and get to know each other before your race takes place (and stay in touch afterwards).

Join the group HERE.

Costa Brava Stage Run in Spain – EVENT PARTNERSHIP

We are excited to form a new event partnership between our Run Larapinta Stage Race and the Costa Brava Stage Run (CBSR) in Spain.

The CBSR is run along the Costa Brava coastline near Barcelona, has a very similar structure to Run Larapinta and is run with equal passion and enthusiasm by our Spanish friends Jordi and Tomas. CBSR snapshot:

  • Long course and short course options (long total distance: 125km, short total: 85km)
  • 3 day / 3 stage format
  • Solo runners (not pairs)
  • The majority of runners stay together in the same hotel each night
  • Similar emphasis on the landscape and participant camaraderie – its not just for ‘fast’ runners

The 1st place male and female from the 2031 Run Larapinta Stage Race – Malbunka (April AND August Events) will each receive a free entry, meals and accommodation package for the 2024 CBSR valued at $580, as well as plenty of love and attention from the passionate Spanish! We have offered the same deal to winners of the CBSR.

The CBSR route follows a spectacular route through a mix of coastal and mountain landscapes whilst and also passes through a range of unforgettable villages and townships unlike anything in Australia!

We have partnered our events to add an international flavour to the races, so we can meet more trail runners from across the planet and share our experiences further.

We encourage you to check out the Costa Brava Stage Run (whether you win or not!) and consider this as your next stage race experience.