Categories and Prizes


The following categories will be acknowledged after each stage as a ‘Stage Winner’.

Four-Stage runners and single-stage runners are eligible.

The Malbunka and The Namatjira:

  • Junior (U/18) Individual – Male & Female
  • Prime (18-39) Individual – Male & Female
  • Veteran (40-49) Individual – Male & Female
  • Vintage (50-59) Individual – Male & Female
  • Masters (60+) Individual – Male & Female

 Categories are determined by your age on the first day of racing:

  • April Event: Friday 22nd April 2022
  • August Event: Friday 12th August 2022


Win a race entry, meals and accommodation package in Spain!

The 1st place male and female competitors from the Run Larapinta Stage Race – Malbunka (April and August) will each receive a free entry, meals and accommodation package for the 2022 Costa Brava Stage Run valued at $580 (as well as plenty of love and attention from the passionate Spanish!)

The Costa Brava Stage Run is very similar to Run Larapinta but in a completely different, coastal / mountain environment. It has long + short course options, coordinated accommodation, achievable race distances and a friendly race vibe.  Check it out : 

NOTE: We will offer this prize to 1st place male & female in the Malbunka, if 1st cannot commit to attending we will offer it to 2nd Malbunka and if they cannot then to 3rd Malbunka. If they cannot attend we will offer it to 1st, then 2nd then 3rd in the Namatjira.


A daily presentation ceremony will be held for each stage and provide a great way to recount the day’s running and meet up with other runners. Daily presentations include:

  • Presentation of the leaders’ yellow sticker to the leading male and female in the General Classification for both the Malbunka and Namatjira
  • Individual male and female category stage winners (four-stage runners and single-stage runners are eligible)
  • Plus a bunch of random prizes given away to runners across all divisions


A final presentation ceremony (overall awards) will be held on the evening of Stage 4 to recognise the following from the past 4 days:

  • Top 3 male and females in the General Classification from The Malbunka and The Namatjira who entered as a Four-Stage Runner prior to Stage 1 
  • Top 3 male and female in each age category in The Malbunka and The Namatjira (listed above) who entered as a ‘Four-Stage Rider’ prior to Stage 1
  • Overall and Catgeory winners in the General Classifcation will receive a custom medal
  • Plus a bunch of random prizes

UTMB Qualifying Race & ITRA Points

The Malbunka course (4 stages) of Run Larapinta 2021 is with the UTMB as an official qualifying race for the UTMB World Series with a value of 3 points and is also awarded 3 ITRA points. For further information on UTMB click here.