Equipment and Safety

Hanny Allston and FIND YOUR FEET – our official training and retail partners.

We are very happy to partner with Find Your Feet as our official retailer for the 2022 Run Larapinta Stage Race who have offered all competitors 20% off all items in their store (in Hobart) and online.

Find Your Feet is an independent, Tasmanian company owned and operated by Hanny Allston and Graham Hammond. They are devoted to providing an exceptional retail experience and quality education to empower our community to find their feet. They love and respect the outdoors, and are constantly striving towards assisting others to find their wildest selves.  Their services include:

Hobart retail store   /   Online retail store   /   Find Your Feet Running Tours


Mandatory Gear for all runners at all times, irrespective of category or The Malbunka or The Namatjira:

Please note: All the listed MANDATORY GEAR items must be brought to race registration for witnessing prior to starting. Runners will not be able to start if any item is not deemed appropriate or is not presented. Details

  • Race Number Plate x 2 (supplied in Registration Pack): This must be worn on your front (large) and back/backpack (small), attached to the outermost garment at all times.
  • First Aid Kit (minimum contents: 2 x crepe bandages, 6 x wound closure strips, 1 x triangular bandage, 2 x non-stick wound dressing pads and a pair of surgical gloves) . These can be purchased from Race Registration for $15ea, or online when you enter.
  • Space blanket (available at Race Registration for $7ea or online when you enter.)
  • A whistle (available at Race Registration for $5ea or online when you enter.)
  • Mobile phone (Telstra recommended best coverage)
  • 1 long sleeve thermal top (polypropylene, wool or similar). The garment must be of a size and style to fit you. Note: cotton, lycra or any ‘compressions’ garments do not qualify.
  • Water containers
    • All Namatjira and Malbunka runners must have the ability to carry 3lt of water / hydration at specific stages during the event. Refer to the detailed equipment list linked below
  • Maps on your phone – All competitors must have the GPS course files loaded onto a mapping app on your smart phone (we suggested Maps.ME or GURUMaps) Details here
  • A beanie to keep your head warm – a Headsock or ‘Buff’ is sufficient
  • Matches or cigarette lighter
  • 1 x windproof jacket.
  • Torch / Headtorch. Must be bright enough to illuminate the track at least 50m ahead of you (we recommend a minimum of 150 lumens) with sufficient battery power to last you to the finish. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all stages

CLICK HERE for a mandatory gear INFORMATION SHEET that provides further details on each of these items.

Recommended Gear list, additional to the items listed above:

  • Headtorch or small, emergency torch
  • A second pair of running shoes incase you get a blow out or blisters in your first pair
  • A means of carrying additional water (bigger bladder, soft flasks or bottles)
  • The GPS maps set up on your phone with a mapping app (Maps.ME recommended). Details here
  • Additional clothing to match the conditions expected on the day. BE SENSIBLE.
  • Hat and sunglasses and sunscreen (in a small tube you can carry with you)
  • Polypro gloves  and arm warmers for the cool morning starts
  • Water proof bag or snap lock for your mobile phone
  • Food and additional water / hydration
  • Vaseline, Body Glide or other body lubricant – including some in a small tube you can carry with you
  • Sports injury tape (like Elastoplast)
  • Headtorch or small, emergency torch
  • Water purification tablets
  • Foam roller and massage ball (and yoga mat?) to loosen up your legs after each stage
  • Thongs / sandals for after racign so your feet can breath
  • External power source for your phone (x2) for tiem at Glen Helen and even on the course if using th emaps and taking a lot of photos
  • InReach 2 way Satellite Communicator – for hire for $75
  • Recommend travel insurance in case you need helicopter rescue on the course – or enquire with your ambulance membership or with your personal accident insurance.


InReach 2 way satellite communicator – FOR HIRE, $75.

We have arranged for a number of InReach 2 way satellite communicators to be available for runners to hire for your added safety whilst participating in the Run Larapinta Stage Race.

InReach devices have the ability to send out and receive text messages and also have tracking and follow me/find me functionality ensuring your family and friends know where you are at all times.

Whilst we will have manned checkpoints with medics on site and will provide a high level of care and supervision of all competitors, due to the remoteness of the course we cannot be everywhere at once (far from it). So if you are particularly safety conscious, want an added safety net or want your family and friends to know where you are we recommend hiring an InReach device for the race.

The devices are about the size and weight of a smartphone.

To place an order please contact Annie via [email protected]. Orders will close Friday 21st July 2017. If you will would like further information or to purchase one directly from the manufacturer please see this link;


Rapid Ascent provides a certain amount of ‘duty of care’ over all competitors, volunteers and stakeholders in the Run Larapinta Stage Race. We will ensure that the race is run as it is described, with water where it is described, support where it is described and assistance where it is described in the event program.

Where conditions are beyond ‘normal’ (e.g. hotter than 30 deg) we will extend our duty of care over participants to help you handle the conditions. We have our own risk management plans, emergency plans and procedures to follow if an incident happens and are in continual correspondence with the National Parks and Wildlife and other land managers and stakeholders to ensure that the course environment is as described.

BUT it is also up to the participants – including runners, spectators, volunteers, stakeholders… – to use common sense and take care of yourselves and each other whilst at the event. Event participants also have a duty of care over themselves to ensure, for example, they have enough water with them to get to the next checkpoint, to dress appropriately for the conditions, to handle yourselves correctly if you are hot, to care for your feet and ankles so they can handle the terrain…. etc.

Whilst Rapid Ascent will provide support and assistance (and evacuation) where needed, it is also up to the participants to ensure you prepare yourself and can handle the conditions of the event.

If you wish to discuss the safety of the event and our plans and procedures then please contact us at any time via [email protected] or 03 5261 5511.


All runners should be aware that the trail passes through some very inaccessible and remote country that does not often allow for any outside access. In fact, on most stages there is not even a 4WD track that comes close to the trail at any point – meaning that if you have an accident you are a long way from help.

Runners need to be self-sufficient and be able to handle yourself in a remote landscape and if an accident occurs (such as a badly rolled ankle for example), you must be able to look after yourself and each other, and work independently to make your own way to the next checkpoint / water point.

There is minimal mobile phone reception along the trail and if you do truly need emergency assistance then we encourage you to follow these basic steps:

  • Alert other runners / walkers that you need help. Take specific note of your location and the name of the injured.
  • Ask someone to remain with you whilst others continue on for help. If remaining in place, ensure you have sufficient clothing, food and water to remain outside for up to 24hrs.
  • The travelling party should make their way to either the nearest water point / checkpoint (this may be back along the way you came), or to the nearest patch of phone reception, which is often on a very high point or ridgeline.
  • Call the Race Director Sam Maffett 0400 001 786 or the Rapid Ascent satellite phone +8816 2244 9500 for assistance – please advise them of the name (or race number) of the injured person, the exact location and their condition. (These phone numbers are on the back of your number plate).
  • Instructions will be given as to what to do – but may include calling a helicopter for an emergency rescue (at the patients’ expense), if any forward progression is not possible e.g. broken leg

We will have a sweep runner with a 2 way radio going along behind the last runner on all stages to assist if required.

We do not wish to scare you and we hope no major accidents to occur but we want you to be aware of the risks and to be prepared in case something does happen.